If you're like us, you're huge fans of the Tim Ferriss show podcast.

The vast majority of our reading lists is taken up by books recommended either by guests on the show, or Tim himself. But it's not so easy to find these hidden gems, so we put together Four Hour Book Club: An index of the books recommended on the show, right from the beginning. We hope you enjoy!

Are you connected to Tim Ferriss or the Tim Ferriss Show in any way? No. Not at all. We're just big fans!

Is this a complete list of referenced books? Not yet - we're continually adding to it. We'll get there!

You're using affiliate links to Amazon? Yes. Indexing and compiling all of the content on the site took a considerable amount of our spare time, so we feel that taking a small reward for any book purchases made through the site is reasonable.

How can I get in touch with you? Shoot a message to @Mr_Ed on Twitter.

What about items other than books? We're working on adding these, too. Stay tuned.